Recipe: Vrat Special Samosa

CooQ : Recipe: Vrat Special Samosa Vrat Special Samosa Indian fasting, Snacks Samosa 200 calories/serving 60 mins Keep your friends close and your samosa closer!!! Read Instructions Recipe by: Dilli ki deepali Instructions 1. In a bowl take rajgira atta, sabudana atta, singhada atta, salt, ghee, mix it all very well using your hands. now

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Recipe: Steamed Fara For Vrat

CooQ : Recipe: Steamed Fara For Vrat Steamed Fara For Vrat Indian fasting, Snacks Millet 115 calories/serving 25 mins Easy to make and this dish consumes the lesser quantity of oil. It has a lip-smacking taste and melts in the mouth instantly. Read Instructions Recipe by: Nisha Madhulika Instructions 1. Wash and soak sama rice

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Recipe: Navratri Fruit Cream

CooQ : Recipe: Navratri Fruit Cream Navratri Fruit Cream Indian fasting, Snacks Pudding 153 calories/serving 10 mins During a navratri fast, or for that matter any fast, there's never a debate … mixed with fresh cream, scraped coconut, honey and delicious fresh fruits…..yummy yum yum!!!! Read Instructions Recipe by: Shikhas Kitchen Instructions 1. In a

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Recipe: Vrat Ki Kachori

CooQ : Recipe: Vrat Ki Kachori Vrat Ki Kachori Indian fasting, Snacks Kachori 263 calories/serving 40 mins What if you get to eat various different dishes without breaking the laws of fast. Here we have Kachori recipe so you have something different to eat during 9 days of Navratri Fasting. Read Instructions Recipe by: Sanjeev

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Recipe: Dahi Wade

CooQ : Recipe: Dahi Wade Dahi Wade Indian fasting, Snacks Chaat 204 calories/serving 30 mins Why crave for chaat this navratri??? Make this exciting snack or just kick start your day with this delicious dahi vade or bhalla. Read Instructions Recipe by: Rita Arora Recipes Instructions 1. Grind together 1 cup sama chawl and 1/2

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Recipe: Schezwan Rice Appe

CooQ : Recipe: Schezwan Rice Appe Schezwan Rice Appe South indian, Snacks Appe 122 calories/serving 25 mins Sharing one of the easiest and tastiest recipe of Appe/Paniyaram/Paddu made with Rice & Puffed Rice and tossed it with homemade schezwan sauce & some crunchy veggies. Read Instructions Instructions For rice appe 1. Soak 1.5 cup of

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