Recipe: Gavarfali Ki Dhokli

CooQ : Recipe: Gavarfali Ki Dhokli Gavarfali Ki Dhokli Rajasthani, Mains Cluster beans 97 calories/serving 30 mins freshly prepared dhokli using gram flour adds crunch and flavour to the gavar fali ki sabji and make a complete meal. Read Instructions Recipe by: BetterButter हिन्दी Instructions 1. For the dhokli dough, add besan, whole wheat flour, […]

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Recipe: Daldhokli

CooQ : Recipe: Daldhokli Daldhokli Rajasthani, Mains Lentils 173 calories/serving 50 mins Dal Dhokli, A one pot meal made by simmering whole wheat flour bits in a lentil-based motley perked with spices! It is the Rajasthani Style Dal Dhokli unlike the Gujrati Style, this one is mainly made with Chilka Moong Dal. Read Instructions Instructions

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Recipe: Mohanthal

CooQ : Recipe: Mohanthal Mohanthal Rajasthani, Dessert Gram flour 102 calories/serving 45 mins This is an outstanding and classic Indian fudge made with gram flour (besan) and ghee and sweetened with saffron and cardamom flavored sugar syrup. Read Instructions Recipe by: Hebbars Kitchen Instructions 1. Add 1.5 cups gram flour / besan, 2 tbsp milk

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Recipe: Laal Maas

CooQ : Recipe: Laal Maas Laal Maas Rajasthani, Mains Mutton 186 calories/serving 60 mins Laal maas is a fiery Rajasthani meat curry with Lamb cooked in a variety of masalas with a burst of red chillies. This bright red coloured delicious dish garnished with coriander leaves and a good amount of ghee looks utterly delicious.

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Recipe: Mirchi Vada

CooQ : Recipe: Mirchi Vada Mirchi Vada Rajasthani, Snacks Snack it up 44 calories/serving 45 mins It is a spicy Indian snack consisting of chilli and potato or cauliflower stuffing battered and fried, served hot with tomato sauce or occasionally with mint and tamarind chutney. Read Instructions Recipe by: Hebbars Kitchen Instructions For the batter

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Recipe: Kalakand

CooQ : Recipe: Kalakand Kalakand Rajasthani, Dessert Milk 139 calories/serving 55 mins It is an indian sweet made out of solidified, sweetened milk called khoya. it contains milk, sugar, vinegar, optionally some nuts such as pistachio and some cardamom powder. Read Instructions Recipe by: Hebbars Kitchen Instructions 1. In a kadai add 500 ml milk,

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Recipe: Pyaaz Ki Kachori

CooQ : Recipe: Pyaaz Ki Kachori Pyaaz Ki Kachori Rajasthani, Mains Kachori 193 calories/serving 50 mins A kind of Rajasthani snack, a fried pastry filled with a spicy onion filling. This glorious delicacy is not to be missed. It is one of the most famous spicy snacks from Jaipur and vicinity. Read Instructions Recipe by:

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Recipe: Gatta Curry

CooQ : Recipe: Gatta Curry Gatta Curry Rajasthani, Mains Curry 147 calories/serving 50 mins Gatta curry is made with gram flour dumplings boiled in water,sliced and added in a spicy yoghurt curry. They can also be steamed before adding in the curry, It is a main course dish,but the steamed and fried gattas can also

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