Recipe: Dar Ni Pori

CooQ : Recipe: Dar Ni Pori Dar Ni Pori Parsi, Dessert Toor dal 195 calories/serving 60 mins It's the Parsis' take on pie. Sweetened lentils stuffed into a light pastry and baked, this is the ideal dessert ending to a filling Parsi meal. You can even have a slice of it with tea! Read Instructions […]

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Recipe: Parsi Sali Keema

CooQ : Recipe: Parsi Sali Keema Parsi Sali Keema Parsi, Mains Mutton 349 calories/serving 45 mins Enjoy the goodness of minced meat cooked in a spicy tomato and onion gravy, served along with julienne potatoes. It's a dish not worth missing! Read Instructions Recipe by: Pretty Parsi Cook Instructions 1. Place a pot on medium

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Recipe: Jardaloo Sali Marghi

CooQ : Recipe: Jardaloo Sali Marghi Jardaloo Sali Marghi Parsi, Mains Chicken 172 calories/serving 70 mins A peculiar yet tasty combination, the chicken is cooked in an apricot gravy and served with fried potato straws. Makes for the best comfort food! Read Instructions Recipe by: Pretty Parsi Cook Instructions 1. In a small bowl add

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Recipe: Saas Ni Machhi

CooQ : Recipe: Saas Ni Machhi Saas Ni Machhi Parsi, Mains Fish 86 calories/serving 45 mins A Parsi wedding favourite, the marinated fish is cooked in a white sauce which is packed with typical Parsi flavours. Eat it with rice or roti, it'll taste amazing every single time! Read Instructions Recipe by: Pretty Parsi Cook

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Recipe: Mutton Dhansak

CooQ : Recipe: Mutton Dhansak Mutton Dhansak Parsi, Mains Mutton 246 calories/serving 59 mins Dhansak is a popular Indian dish, especially popular among the Parsi Zoroastrian community. It combines elements of Persian and Gujarati cuisine. Dhansak is made by cooking mutton with a mixture of lentils and vegetables. This is served with caramelised brown rice,

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Recipe: Parsi Mutton Kebabs

CooQ : Recipe: Parsi Mutton Kebabs Parsi Mutton Kebabs Parsi, Snacks Mutton 67 calories/serving 70 mins There's nothing better than Lucknowi kebabs, but the Parsis' take on this yummy snack will definitely change your perception. You'll never get tired of these! Read Instructions Recipe by: Food Fusion Instructions 1. In saucepan, add potatoes, water and

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Recipe: Akuri

CooQ : Recipe: Akuri Akuri Parsi, Mains Egg 165 calories/serving 20 mins Try this Parsi version of scrambled eggs with fried onions, ginger, loads of chilli and black pepper, usually served with pav or bread. A simple breakfast dish, but with a Parsi twist. Delicious! Read Instructions Recipe by: Pretty Parsi Cook Instructions 1. Heat

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Recipe: Sali Marghi

CooQ : Recipe: Sali Marghi Sali Marghi Parsi, Mains Chicken 172 calories/serving 60 mins Sali Marghi is a recipe from the Parsi treasure of cuisines. Made with whole spices and topped with potato strips (tradationally called salli), it is a healthy and delicious side serve, a perfect addition to any meal. The dish goes wonderfully

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Recipe: Dhansak Dal

CooQ : Recipe: Dhansak Dal Dhansak Dal Parsi, Mains Lentils 98 calories/serving 40 mins This one is a Parsi version of maah chole di dal- spiced mixed lentil recipe topped with desi ghee and authetic herbs. Enjoy this healthy, light and delicious dish with steamed rice- and you will fall in love! Read Instructions Recipe

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