Recipe: Korean Fried Chicken

CooQ : Recipe: Korean Fried Chicken Korean Fried Chicken Korean, Mains Chicken 326 calories/serving 45 mins Korean fried chicken has a crispy coating and juicy meat. The sauce, a sweet or spicy sticky concoction thinly coats the chicken and the double-frying process yields an incredibly crispy, crunchy exterior. Read Instructions Instructions 1. Add salt, pepper, …

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Recipe: Oi-muchim – Cucumber Salad

CooQ : Recipe: Oi-muchim – Cucumber Salad Oi-muchim – Cucumber Salad Korean, Salad Salad 39 calories/serving 10 mins A perfect side dish for spring & summer time! A refreshing combination of cool cucumbers and hot chile peppers that'll become a favourite in no time. Read Instructions Recipe by: Maangchi Instructions 1. Wash all three cucumbers …

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Recipe: Vegetable Pancake (yachaejeon)

CooQ : Recipe: Vegetable Pancake (yachaejeon) Vegetable Pancake (yachaejeon) Korean, Snacks Pancakes 282 calories/serving 30 mins An easy, Korean vegetarian pancake recipe. This eggless pancake is a perfect savory pancake for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Dip this eggless Korean vegetable pancake in the sweet and savory dipping sauce for a truly satisfying Korean vegetarian breakfast. …

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