Recipe: Kerala Egg Roast

CooQ : Recipe: Kerala Egg Roast Kerala Egg Roast Kerala, Mains Egg 82 calories/serving 40 mins This egg recipe is a very simple, spicy, semi dry dish cooked with basic Indian spice powders available in the pantry. It can be relished with parotta, chapathi, poori or Idiyappams (string hopper) . Read Instructions Recipe by: Yumcyclopedia […]

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Recipe: Banana Fritters

CooQ : Recipe: Banana Fritters Banana Fritters Kerala, Snacks Fritters 94 calories/serving 20 mins Just like any other fritters, but more flavorful and crispy, Banana Fritters are a classic South Indian snack made from ripe bananas Thin slices or mashed bananas are mixed with a thick batter and deep fried till perfection. Read Instructions Recipe

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Recipe: Kalan Masala

CooQ : Recipe: Kalan Masala Kalan Masala Kerala, Mains Mushroom 54 calories/serving 30 mins Sour taste is the most prominent aspect of this dish as it is made with curd or buttermilk. Veggies like yam and plantain,ground coocnut and mild spiced are also added for the perfect texture and flavor. Primarily served in the Onam

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Recipe: Ash Gourd Thoran

CooQ : Recipe: Ash Gourd Thoran Ash Gourd Thoran Kerala, Mains Ash gourd 118 calories/serving 30 mins Also known as Kumbalanga, this recipe is made from Ash gourd or winter melon and is a healthy option for any meal. Diced Adh gourd stir fried with a combination of aromatic South Indian spices and coconut is

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Recipe: Malabar Prawn Curry

CooQ : Recipe: Malabar Prawn Curry Malabar Prawn Curry Kerala, Mains Curry 89 calories/serving 40 mins A mouth-watering delight, spice-infused and an ideal side-serve for lunch, the Malabar Prawn curry is a dish that originated along the coastline of South India and is loved across the country. This prawn curry gets its vibrant color and

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Recipe: Star Gooseberry Pickle

CooQ : Recipe: Star Gooseberry Pickle Star Gooseberry Pickle Kerala, Condiment Pickle 42 calories/serving 25 mins Pickled Gooseberry or Amla achar is an instant recipe, a touth-tickler with a burst of flavors like tangy, sweet, spicy. Made with select Amla, authetic sauted in the tradational South Indian spices and herbs, Amla picke is a known

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