Indian fasting

Recipe: Kesar Elaichi Shrikhand

CooQ : Recipe: Kesar Elaichi Shrikhand Kesar Elaichi Shrikhand Indian fasting, Dessert Shrikhand 365 calories/serving 15 mins Bet you just can't have enough of it!!! And if you're a beginner in the kitchen, this easy peasy 4 ingredients dessert recipe will win you much applause! Read Instructions Instructions Preparation steps 1. Strain the curd through […]

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Recipe: Vrat Special Samosa

CooQ : Recipe: Vrat Special Samosa Vrat Special Samosa Indian fasting, Snacks Samosa 200 calories/serving 60 mins Keep your friends close and your samosa closer!!! Read Instructions Recipe by: Dilli ki deepali Instructions 1. In a bowl take rajgira atta, sabudana atta, singhada atta, salt, ghee, mix it all very well using your hands. now

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Recipe: Samak Phirni

CooQ : Recipe: Samak Phirni Samak Phirni Indian fasting, Dessert Pudding 268 calories/serving 40 mins Not the first time I have made this, and definitely not the last! While kheer has a charm of its own, phirni is a complete game changer. A delicious samak rice pudding, made with soaking and grinding the rice first,

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Recipe: Peanut Ladoo

CooQ : Recipe: Peanut Ladoo Peanut Ladoo Indian fasting, Dessert Ladoo 157 calories/serving 20 mins A delicious Indian ladoo recipe made with peanuts and melted jaggery syrup. It is a simple, healthy and easy indian sweet recipe which can also be shared as protein bars or balls. Read Instructions Recipe by: Mrs Tiwaris Incredible Rasoi

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Recipe: Fasting Chilla

CooQ : Recipe: Fasting Chilla Fasting Chilla Indian fasting, Breakfast Meal 108 calories/serving 25 mins If your a chilla person and that is your go to breakfast option, then worry not & try this chilla recipe out which is within the framework of your vrat rules!! Read Instructions Instructions 1. Combine all the above ingredients

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