Recipe: Egg Kurma (egg Korma)

CooQ : Recipe: Egg Kurma (egg Korma) Egg Kurma (egg Korma) Hyderabadi, Mains Kurma 187 calories/serving 25 mins Egg Kurma is another famous recipe from the South in which boiled eggs are simmered into the thick and spicy tomato-based gravy. Great to taste and extremely healthy, this recipe is a great addition to your dinner […]

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Recipe: Gobi 65

CooQ : Recipe: Gobi 65 Gobi 65 Hyderabadi, Mains Cauliflower 35 calories/serving 30 mins This fried cauliflower snack is inspired from the popular South Indian Chicken 65 that everyone loves. The crunchy and savory caulifloweer 66 or Gobhi 65 served with ketchup or range of chutneys makes to the top list of apetizers for parties

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Recipe: Hyderabadi Masala Chicken

CooQ : Recipe: Hyderabadi Masala Chicken Hyderabadi Masala Chicken Hyderabadi, Mains Chicken gravy 146 calories/serving 40 mins A mouth watering delight straight from Hyderabad, this recipe is a blend of fried inions, whole spices, chicken and yogurt cooked to perfection with rice. Read Instructions Recipe by: Spice Eats Instructions 1. To make birista, slice 3

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Recipe: Sukha Mutton

CooQ : Recipe: Sukha Mutton Sukha Mutton Hyderabadi, Mains Mutton 262 calories/serving 35 mins A lip smacking dish, soft and succulent mutton pieces coated with aromatic blend of masalas and spices, tempered with curry leaves and green chillies. Read Instructions Instructions 1. In a pressure cooker, add oil, mutton (350 gms), 1 tsp coriander powder,

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Recipe: Kheema Samosa

CooQ : Recipe: Kheema Samosa Kheema Samosa Hyderabadi, Snacks Mutton 184 calories/serving 30 mins A combination of spiced, minced keema wrapped in a cone, and golden fried to crispy perfection. Read Instructions Instructions 1. In a pressure cooker, add oil, kheema (400 gms), ginger garlic paste (2 tsp), salt (as per taste), red chilli powder

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Recipe: Gosht Fry

CooQ : Recipe: Gosht Fry Gosht Fry Hyderabadi, Mains Mutton 552 calories/serving 50 mins A crispy and spicy fusion of perfectly cooked meat. You will never get enough of this perfection. Read Instructions Recipe by: Kitchen Food of India Ingredients mutton ginger garlic green chilli clove cardamom mint leaves coriander leaves red chilli powder salt

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Recipe: Mutton Dalcha

CooQ : Recipe: Mutton Dalcha Mutton Dalcha Hyderabadi, Mains Mutton 575 calories/serving 55 mins An Indian lentil-based curry originating from Hyderabad, Combination of yellow lentils and bengal gram lentil cooked with mutton pieces and flavored with Mughlai spices makes a unique and flavorful side dish. Read Instructions Recipe by: Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana Ingredients mutton bengal

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Recipe: Khichdi Aur Kheema

CooQ : Recipe: Khichdi Aur Kheema Khichdi Aur Kheema Hyderabadi, Mains Mutton 175 calories/serving 30 mins Prepared with minced lamb, chicken, ginger-garlic paste, rice, moong dal and a melange of spices, this dish will make you ask for more. Read Instructions Recipe by: BEGUMS COOKING Ingredients rice red lentil cinnamon green cardamom clove ginger garlic

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