Recipe: Lapsi Recipe

CooQ : Recipe: Lapsi Recipe Lapsi Recipe Gujarati, Dessert Dalia 182 calories/serving 20 mins Aa traditional and a classic dessert recipe made from wheat grain and jaggery. The recipe hails from the popular Gujarati cuisine, but also extremely popular in Rajasthan and Maharashtra. Read Instructions Instructions 1. First dissolve the jaggery in 2 cup hot […]

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Recipe: Palak Methi Dumplings

CooQ : Recipe: Palak Methi Dumplings Palak Methi Dumplings Gujarati, Mains Dumplings 30 calories/serving 27 mins Palak methi dumplings are a unique street-style and steamed snack made with fresh spinach and fenugreek. The soft and delicious dumplings are a a healthy treat to your tastebuds and a must try! Read Instructions Recipe by: Bhanu's Kitchen-Bhanu's

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Recipe: Karela Thepla

CooQ : Recipe: Karela Thepla Karela Thepla Gujarati, Mains Thepla 110 calories/serving 50 mins A classic Gujarati recipe that is stomach filling as well as light for stomach and can be served as a snack or even in breakfast. Read Instructions Recipe by: Kitchenkathiawar Instructions 1. In a mixing bowl, add all the above-mentioned ingredients

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Recipe: Gujarati Mohan Thaal

CooQ : Recipe: Gujarati Mohan Thaal Gujarati Mohan Thaal Gujarati, Dessert Gram flour 102 calories/serving 45 mins Mohan Thaal is the sweetest, mouth watering and delicious dish. As the name suggests, this delicacy is offered as a prasaad to Shri Krishna. Gujaratis are fond of Mohan Thaal and is a popular dish across the state.

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Recipe: Basundi

CooQ : Recipe: Basundi Basundi Gujarati, Dessert Milk 336 calories/serving 15 mins A heat-desiccated, thickened milk dessert, having white to light caramel colour, creamy consistency with soft textured flakes that are uniformly suspended throughout the product matrix. It has a sweetish caramel aroma, that pleases you. Read Instructions Recipe by: Hebbars Kitchen Ingredients full cream

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Recipe: Fulwadi

CooQ : Recipe: Fulwadi Fulwadi Gujarati, Snacks Gram flour 153 calories/serving 30 mins A crispy, deep-fried and cylinder-shaped savoury snack made of besan and spices. It has a unique texture being crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. Read Instructions Recipe by: Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana Ingredients gram flour whole wheat flour

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Recipe: Khakhra

CooQ : Recipe: Khakhra Khakhra Gujarati, Snacks Gram flour 119 calories/serving 30 mins One of the popular vegetarian roasted thin cracker bread and snack from the Gujarati cuisine, made from whole wheat flour our flavoursome ingredients and spices. Read Instructions Recipe by: The Terrace Kitchen Ingredients wheat flour gram flour oil dry fenugreek leaves carom

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