Recipe: Plum Galette

CooQ : Recipe: Plum Galette Plum Galette French, Dessert All purpose flour 349 calories/serving 60 mins This is my first attempt to create this gorgeous French dessert & I am really happy with the result. It is a simple dessert when we compare it with choux and puff pastries. Believe me it requires very less […]

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Recipe: Veg Ratatouille

CooQ : Recipe: Veg Ratatouille Veg Ratatouille French, Mains Vegetables 127 calories/serving 80 mins A seasoned stew made of eggplant, tomatoes, green peppers, squash, and meat of choice. Read Instructions Recipe by: Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana Instructions 1. Heat 2 tbsp olive oil in a deep non-stick pan. add 1 tbsp finely chopped garlic and sauté

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Recipe: Oats Mango Parfait

CooQ : Recipe: Oats Mango Parfait Oats Mango Parfait French, Breakfast Parfait 316 calories/serving 30 mins Easy for a weekday breakfast and also elegant to impress as a yummy summer dessert. Read Instructions Recipe by: Moms kitchen Instructions 1. To begin making the oats, mango and yogurt parfait, cook 80 gms oats according to the

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Recipe: Caramel Cream Parfait

CooQ : Recipe: Caramel Cream Parfait Caramel Cream Parfait French, Breakfast Parfait 210 calories/serving 40 mins Chocolate, caramel and cream the perfect combination for a light and delicious dessert! Read Instructions Recipe by: Nestle Milkpak Cream Sweet talk Instructions 1. In a food processor, add lotus biscuits and blend on pulse until desired consistency. set

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Recipe: Mango Yogurt Parfait

CooQ : Recipe: Mango Yogurt Parfait Mango Yogurt Parfait French, Breakfast Parfait 129 calories/serving 10 mins An easy and quick breakfast option for all you mangoholics out there to continue with your summer entertainment. Read Instructions Recipe by: Spice lab Instructions 1. Take 1.5 cups muesli in a large bowl, add 2 tbsp honey and

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