Recipe: Bodhi Ka Halwa

CooQ : Recipe: Bodhi Ka Halwa Bodhi Ka Halwa North indian, Dessert All purpose flour 330 calories/serving 10 mins Have a mesmerising experience with this Indian dessert, easy to make, appetizing and delicious. Guests at home.. Do try this 5 minutes quickie dessert Read Instructions Instructions 1. In a medium sized bowl add 2 bowls

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Recipe: Shahi Tukda

CooQ : Recipe: Shahi Tukda Shahi Tukda Hyderabadi, Dessert Bread 469 calories/serving 55 mins The name is self explanatory. The royal dish is made of bread deep-fried in ghee, soaked in sugar syrup, and then piled high with rabri and dried fruit and nuts. Read Instructions Recipe by: Chef Sanjyot Keer Ingredients almond green cardamom

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Recipe: Coconut Burfi

CooQ : Recipe: Coconut Burfi Coconut Burfi Maharashtrian, Dessert Coconut 84 calories/serving 40 mins Delicious Indian Sweet made with coconut, sugar, milk and cardamom powder. Celebrate your festivites with us! Read Instructions Recipe by: Hebbars Kitchen Ingredients milk fresh grated coconut sugar cardamom powder ghee roasted pistachios Instructions 1. To a wide pan, add 1.5

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Recipe: Doodh Paak

CooQ : Recipe: Doodh Paak Doodh Paak Gujarati, Dessert Milk 429 calories/serving 45 mins Hygienically prepared and includes fresh cow milk, finest quality nuts and dry fruits that not only are a treat to taste buds but a gift of health as well. Read Instructions Recipe by: Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana Ingredients milk kolam rice sugar

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Recipe: Shrikhand

CooQ : Recipe: Shrikhand Shrikhand Gujarati, Dessert Milk 402 calories/serving 10 mins A delectable indian sweet dish which is an assortment of silky smooth curd, a hint of flavoring, and a crunch of dry fruits. Read Instructions Recipe by: Hebbars Kitchen Ingredients milk milk powder curd powdered sugar saffron water cardamom powder pistachio Instructions Homemade

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Recipe: Modak

CooQ : Recipe: Modak Modak Maharashtrian, Dessert Rice flour 126 calories/serving 25 mins An Indian sweet dumpling with a sweet filling of grated coconut and jaggery on the inside, and an outer soft shell of flour. Read Instructions Recipe by: Hebbars Kitchen Ingredients ghee grated coconut jaggery cardamom powder water salt rice flour Instructions Stuffing

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Recipe: Basundi

CooQ : Recipe: Basundi Basundi Gujarati, Dessert Milk 336 calories/serving 15 mins A heat-desiccated, thickened milk dessert, having white to light caramel colour, creamy consistency with soft textured flakes that are uniformly suspended throughout the product matrix. It has a sweetish caramel aroma, that pleases you. Read Instructions Recipe by: Hebbars Kitchen Ingredients full cream

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Recipe: Kaddu Ka Meetha

CooQ : Recipe: Kaddu Ka Meetha Kaddu Ka Meetha Hyderabadi, Dessert Bottle gourd 317 calories/serving 30 mins Pumpkin chunks cooked with sweet and sour flavors of tamarind, chillies, a hint of sugar and a whole lot of spices. Read Instructions Recipe by: Hebbars Kitchen Ingredients bottle gourd almond khowa milk clarified butter green food colour

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