Recipe: Minapa Roti

CooQ : Recipe: Minapa Roti Minapa Roti Andhra, Breakfast Roti 153 calories/serving 15 mins A classic Andhra delight, Minapa roti is a variation of the simple Indian roti that can be served in any meal with a range of chutneys and curries. The main ingredients for the recipe are ural dala and rava, and seasoning […]

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Recipe: Pulihora

CooQ : Recipe: Pulihora Pulihora Andhra, Mains Rice 168 calories/serving 30 mins The sour and tangy Pulihora is a popular South Indian delicacy made primarily with rice, tamarind, curry leaves, ginger and a blend of aromatic South Indian spices. It is very commonly prepared during festivals and is offered to the devotees as prashad in

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Recipe: Pala Thakikalu

CooQ : Recipe: Pala Thakikalu Pala Thakikalu Andhra, Dessert Milk 304 calories/serving 25 mins A classic Andhra sweet dish populary made in the festive season, Pala Thalikalu is soft and delicious pala thalikalu in a thick and creamy payasam. This dish is a perfect blend of the authentic South Indian flavors and has a high

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Recipe: Ginger Chutney (allam)

CooQ : Recipe: Ginger Chutney (allam) Ginger Chutney (allam) Andhra, Condiment Chutney 28 calories/serving 15 mins Allam Chutneymakes for a perfect side serve with a range of South Indian delights like idli, dosa, vada, rice and snacks. The slightly sweet, tangy, spicy and fiery flavor of this chutney come from the select ingredients used in

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Recipe: Chekkalu

CooQ : Recipe: Chekkalu Chekkalu Andhra, Breakfast Peanuts 165 calories/serving 15 mins Chekkalu translates to rice crackers. This crunchy, lip-smacking and addictive snack from the South Indian cuisine is made using chana dal and rice flour seasoned with the tradational South Indian spices, herbs and curry leaves. The rich taste and unique texture of this

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Recipe: Gongura Pachadi

CooQ : Recipe: Gongura Pachadi Gongura Pachadi Andhra, Condiment Chutney 15 calories/serving 20 mins Gongura Pachadi or Gongura chutney is an Andhra style delicious recipe made primarily with sorrel leaves ground with ginger, red chillies, cumin and wholesome Indian spices. It is not just a tasty side serve but it has enormous health benefits like

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Recipe: Dosakya Pickle

CooQ : Recipe: Dosakya Pickle Dosakya Pickle Andhra, Condiment Pickle 5 calories/serving 30 mins A select pickle recipe from the Andhra cuisine, Dosakya Pickle is made from yellow cucumber. It is a popular dish made tradationally made in the South Indian households. A mix of authentic and aromatic South Indian spices makes the pickle flavorful.

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Recipe: Avakaya (mango Pickle)

CooQ : Recipe: Avakaya (mango Pickle) Avakaya (mango Pickle) Andhra, Condiment Pickle 29 calories/serving 20 mins A mango pickle recipe from the South India origin. Raw mangoes and mustrad seeds being the main ingredients, a variety of authentic South Indian spices that are used for pickling. It is a versatile recipe that can be enjoyed

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