Recipe: Tomato Pappu

CooQ : Recipe: Tomato Pappu

Tomato Pappu

Andhra, Mains

137 calories/serving
30 mins
The Andhra style tomato pappu is high on nutrition and flavor. Mainly served with hot steamed rice, the recipe is a tangy twist to the regular dal. The punch of tomatoes and irresistable texture of this dal make it one of the most loved recipes in the South. Are you already craving it?

Recipe by:

Dindigul Food Court


1. Put daal in a pan and cook add oil add garlic, onion, add tomatoes, turmeric, red chilli powder and green chillies.

2. Cook all the ingredients scum, reduce to low heat, simmer, stirring at regular intervals, add mashed lentil . continue to simmer.

3. To prepare the tempering, heat ghee in frying pan, add mustard and cumin seeds, stir on medium heat until they begin to pop, add garlic and stir -fry until golden brown.

4. Then add red chillies and curry leaves, stir until the chillies becomes bright red, and pour over the simmering daal.

5. Remove and adjust seasoning.

By Vahchef – Vahrehvah