Recipe: Tomato Dal /tomato Daali Rasam (In Konkani) (No Onion No Garlic)

CooQ : Recipe: Tomato Dal /tomato Daali Rasam (In Konkani) (No Onion No Garlic)

Tomato Dal /tomato Daali Rasam (In Konkani) (No Onion No Garlic)

South indian, Mains

Toor dal
137 calories/serving
30 mins
This is a basic dal but tastes awesome as it contains some extra spices compared to our konkani style dali toy. Most children prefer this dal over dali toy ( plain dal )
On Navratri days or festival days where we don't eat onion + garlic and yet prefer some spicy gravy along with rice / chapati, this is best suited.


1. Cook the tur dal in a pressure cooker with 2 cups of water.

2. Cut the tomatoes into small pieces. chop the coriander leaves.

3. In a vessel,  add the cooked dal + slit green chillies + salt and further cook for 3 min.

4. Parallely, in a kadai prepare a tempering with oil+ ghee+ mustard seeds+ curry leaves.

5. To the above, further add the finely chopped tomatoes and saute well. close the lid and cook the tomatoes well. then add turmeric powder + jeera/cumin powder + coriander powder+ red chilli powder and sauté for a min. add finely chopped coriander leaves and switch off the flame.

6. Add this above mixture into the dal vessel and adjust the consistency by adding water and check the taste for spices. (you can also add dal into the kadai itself and adjust the consistency of dal as required.)

7. Remove from heat and serve hot dal with rice or chapati.