Recipe: Tom Yum Soup (tom Khaa)

CooQ : Recipe: Tom Yum Soup (tom Khaa)

Tom Yum Soup (tom Khaa)

Thai, Soup

Coconut milk
170 calories/serving
35 mins
Characterised by its unique hot and sour flavours, fragrant spices and herbs, this broth is made with fresh ingredients such as lemongrass, fish sauce, and crushed red chili peppers.

Recipe by:

Simply Roasted


dry red chilli
hot water
thai red chilli
button mushroom
coconut milk
kaffir lime leaves
lemongrass stalk
bamboo shoot
tamarind paste
soy sauce
palm sugar


For tom yum paste

1. Soak 3 dry red chillies in hot water for 15 minutes. after 15 minutes, blend them into a fine paste.

2. In a mixer grinder, add 3 garlic cloves, 6 shallots, 1.5 inch galangal and 3 thai red chillies. blend it into a smooth paste. add the chilli paste to this .

3. Tom yum paste is ready!

For tom yum soup

4. Add oil to a pan and add the tom yum paste. saute till oil seperates for around 5 to 7 minutes.

5. Once done add 2 cups sliced button mushrooms. add few tbsp water to let mushroom cook.

6. Then add 1 cup coconut milk, 6 kaffir lime leaves, 5 stalks of lemongrass, 4 pieces of bamboo shoot, salt to taste, 3 tbsp tamarind paste, 1 tbsp soy sauce, 1 tbsp palm sugar. let it boil for 10 minutes.

7. Then add 2 tsp of lime juice.

8. Pour it into soup bowl and serve it hot.

By Simply Roasted