Recipe: Thattai

CooQ : Recipe: Thattai


South indian, Snacks

Rice flour
103 calories/serving
60 mins
A very popular deep fried snack from the South Indian cuisine made with urad dal, gram flour and seasoned with the authentic Indian spices is a must try. It is a simple dish but with an unbelievable crunch and flavor.

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Dindigul Food Court


Preparing urad dal flour

1. Dry roast urad dal till the dal is hot. if we touch the dal, we should feel very much heat and drop the dal immediately. that is the right stage to swtich off the flame. we don't need to fry dal till it changes color.

2. Take the roasted urad dal in a mixer. grind it to smooth powder.

3. Add the urad dal flour in a sieve. sieve thorougly to get rid of any lumps or coarse flour. set this urad dal flour aside.

Dry roasting rice flour

4. Add 1 cup of rice flour in a heavy bottomed pan. dry roast rice flour till its warm. if you take a pinch of rice flour you should be able to draw a line. thats the right consistency.

Dough preparation

5. Take a pan, add rice flour, 1/2 tbsp of ground urad dal flour, salt, red chilli powder, hing, curry leaves, roasted gram, butter and mix it well. sprinkle water and mix all these ingredients to make it a thick dough.

Making of thattai

6. Take a zipper paper, spread oil in the paper, make small ball of the flour, and keep it in paper. grease the palm with oil and press the ball to flatten it.

7. Make the patties really thin and prick each thattai with a fork or a tooth pick in many places. pricking makes the oil penetrates to the inner portion of the thattai and cooks the inner portion well. if the inner portion of thattai is now cooked, then the thattai will be chewy. also if you miss the pricking, then sometimes, the thattai will become like a poori. so pricking is an important step.

8. We can also use a bowl and press the dough ball to make a thin equal size thattai.

Deep frying process

9. Heat the oil in a heavy bottomed pan. slowly turn the zipper over your palm. the greased plastic will enable flattened thattai to slip on your hands easily. gently drop 2-3 flattened thattai in oil.

10. Keep the flame low and allow the thattai to get fried.

11. Turn them to cook evenly until golden yellow/ deep brown. allow the thattai to cook till all the bubbles ceases and also keep the flame in medium till the thattai is cooked completely. drop them on a paper towel to drain excess oil. once cooled, store them in an air tight container.

Serving time

12. The delicious thattai is ready for neivedhyam and for serving.

By Subbus Kitchen