Recipe: Tea Leaf Salad

CooQ : Recipe: Tea Leaf Salad

Tea Leaf Salad

Burmese, Salad

343 calories/serving
20 mins
A simple chopped salad consisting of chopped lettuce (like romaine), chopped tomatoes, Laphet (fermented tea leaf dressing) and Traditional Burmese Crunchy Mix

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Tun Tun Vlogs


1. In a medium mixing bowl, add 1 cup diced ice berg lettuce, 1/4 cup lolorosso salad leaves, 1/4 cup sliced red tomatoes, 1/2 cup shredded cabbage,1/2 tsp chopped jalapeno, 1/2 tsp chopped garlic, 2 spoons lemon juice, 1 tsp salad oil, 2 tsp fermented tea leaf dressing. hand toss all the mixture.

2. Add some salt to taste, some mixed nuts, 1 tsp tossed broad beans, 1/4 cup tossed peanuts, 1 tsp toasted pumpkin seeds. gently toss.

3. Garnish with some mixed nuts, white sesame seeds and more peanuts.

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