Recipe: Taushe Ulal/cucumber Salad

CooQ : Recipe: Taushe Ulal/cucumber Salad

Taushe Ulal/cucumber Salad

South indian, konkani, Salad

60 calories/serving
15 mins
Now it is the season of cucumber and we are preparing a number of dishes using this #veggie which has lots of water content. This is most widely used in salads and eaten raw. Here is a simple and quick side dish. There's another way of preparing ulal where a masala is ground and added. We prepare this as explained below-


1. Cut cucumber into very tiny pieces. if it is a mature one you may remove skin and seeds as they might be bitter. tender ones will be a little sweet.

2. Also finely chop a small piece of ginger and 1 green chilly. grate 1/4 coconut.

3. Mix all the above and add salt to taste.

4. Now prepare a tadka / tempering with oil, mustard, curry leaves, urad dal, hing and one red chilly.

5. Add the tadka and mix well. preferably prepare this just before serving else cucumber will release water.



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