Recipe: Singhar Ki Barfi

CooQ : Recipe: Singhar Ki Barfi

Singhar Ki Barfi

Sindhi, Dessert

94 calories/serving
40 mins
A sindhi dessert made with chickpea flour and mawa.

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1. For mawa / khoya, take a bowl and add the milk powder in it. add milk gradually little at a time. mix it well & make it lump free.

2. In a pan, put ghee & add the mixture in it & cook it. make it thick then put some more ghee & cook it more. take out the mawa in a bowl & keep it in the fridge for 15-20 minutes.

3. For sev, take a bowl and add gram flour & refined oil in it. bind it into a soft dough by adding water in it gradually. apply some oil on the dough & grease the sev maker with oil. then put the dough in it. make the sev in the medium heated oil. then after cooling down, crush the sev.

4. In a pan, put milk & sugar, then cook it till it turns sticky. put half of the mawa in the boiling milk then turn the flame slow.

5. Put some saffron milk, rose water, crushed sev & mix them all. then put the remaining mawa & ghee and mix them again.turn the flame slow, cover it & cook it for 3-4 minutes.

6. Then turn off the flame & keep it for cooling down for an hour. put the mixture in a greased tray & spread it. let the sev mithai set for 4-5 hours & cut it in pieces. in this way, sev sweet will get ready at home.

By Masala Kitchen