Recipe: Sindhi Chehra Dodha

CooQ : Recipe: Sindhi Chehra Dodha

Sindhi Chehra Dodha

Sindhi, Mains

Rice flour
172 calories/serving
40 mins
Sindhi Chehra Dodha is one of the most authentic, famous and loved sindhi dish. This flatbread is made using rice flour and vegetables. Simple & easy to make, usually prepared for breakfast. Served with green chutney, curd, pickle or tomato chutney.


1. Mix all the ingredients namely, 3 cups of rice flour, 2 medium sized finely chopped onions, 1 medium sized finely chopped potato, 1 medium sized finely chopped tomato, chopped coriander leaves, salt and red chilli powder to taste.

2. Now, add water little by little as per requirement mixing the dough properly and kneading it till you get a tight manageable dough.

3. Apply some oil to the dough and make small round balls of it.

4. Take a round ball sprinkle some flour on it and then roll the dough into a flat round circle.

5. Once the tawa is sufficiently hot cook it on a medium flame from both the sides, also apply oil or ghee after flipping to get a crisp.

6. Enjoy it with green chutney, dahi, pickle or tomato chutney.


This recipe make 8 chehra dodha's.