Recipe: Sheer Khurma|sheer Khorma

CooQ : Recipe: Sheer Khurma|sheer Khorma

Sheer Khurma|sheer Khorma

Indian, Dessert

361 calories/serving
30 mins
Sheer khurma is a rich vermicili pudding made during Eid. In the Persian language ‘Sheer‘ means milk and ‘Khurma‘ means dates.Sheer khurma is made with milk, vermicelli, dates, nuts, and sugar.

Though many of us mistake Sheer khurma to be same as seviyan kheer,bcoz they look the same. There are few major differences between the two.

●An important ingredient which is “dates” is added to sheer khurma which are not added to seviyan kheer.Dates not only change the taste,they also impart a texture to it.

●In sheer khurma,milk is thickened before adding vermicilli.Hence sheer khurma is more thicker & creamier.

●fine vermicelli is used for sheer khurma whereas for kheer, thick or thin vermicelli can be used.

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Roasting vermicili

1. Roast the vermicelli in ghee for 2 mins or until slightly brown.

Soak the nuts

1. Soak all the above in hot boiling water for 20 mins. soaking helps to peel the almonds easily & makes chopping easy.

Chopping the nuts

1.Peel off the almond skin by pinching.

2.Long chop the almonds, cashews, dates, pistas (if using whole)

3.Drain off the water from soaked raisins & pistachios.

Roasting the nuts

1. Roast the nuts in ghee until slightly brown. add raisins at the last to avoid burning.

Sheer khurma preparation:

1.Boil milk. once milk thickens, add roasted nuts & mix. let it simmer.

2.Then add the khoya,saffron milk, cardamom powder,sugar and mix.

3.Add the roasted vermicili & simmer untill its cooked.

4.Once its completely cooked, add rose water & petals & switch off the flame. serve hot or chilled.

Note: sheer khurma starts to thicken once cooled. you can dilute it by adding boiled milk if you want.