Recipe: Red Cabbage Detox Juice/drink

CooQ : Recipe: Red Cabbage Detox Juice/drink

Red Cabbage Detox Juice/drink

Indian, Drink

Detox drink
33 calories/serving
10 mins
This is a healthy and happy juice for people with weak digestive systems. I have been suffering from hyperacidity & gastric problems for the last couple of years. My son suggested that I try red cabbage sauerkraut and juice, it really helped. Ever Since it’s been in my daily meal plan. Red cabbage detox juice is a true powerhouse of nutrition. This cruciferous vegetable helps us to heal our gut . Red cabbage is high in fiber, making it easier to digest foods and keep our digestive system healthy.The soluble fiber in red cabbage helps the beneficial bacteria in the gut. It helps maintain a healthy balance of prebiotics in our digestive system. Taking this drink helps to flush out toxins & keeps us rejuvenated & fresh.


1. Juice all ingredients using a mixer grinder or juicer.

2. Strain the juice.

3. Add a teaspoon of honey & lemon juice to enhance the flavour.

4. Drink it right away.