Recipe: Rava Idlis

CooQ : Recipe: Rava Idlis

Rava Idlis

South indian, Snacks

84 calories/serving
30 mins
There is one dish in Bangalore that you can never miss. That's our authentic Karnataka style rava idlis served with hot potato saagu & chutney. Just typing it makes me drool. Do try it out & enjoy with your family n friends.


1. In in a wok heat 6 tsp oil and splutter 2 tsp mustard, 2 tsp chana dal, chopped cashews, pinch hing and few curryleaves.

2. Now add 2 chilli, 2 inch ginger and saute for a minute.

3. Add 1/4 tsp turmeric and saute for 2 minutes.

4. Keeping the flame on low add 2 cup rava and roast well.

5. Roast for 5 minutes or until the rava turns aromatic.

6. Cool the rava completely and transfer to a bowl.

7. Add 1.5 cup curd, 4 tbsp coriander and salt as per taste.

8. Mix well forming a thick for 15 minutes or until the rava absorbs the curd.

9. Mix well and add water if u like to form an idli batter


10. Grease the idli plate with oil or ghee and place cashews in the centre( optional )

11. Just before steaming add a 1/4 tsp eno or soda and mix well till it turns frothy.

12. Pour the batter immediately into the idli plate. do not rest the batter.

13. Steam the rava idli for 15 minutes on medium flame.

14. Finally, serve instant rava idli with your choice of chutney and aloo saagu/ gravy.