Recipe: Ragi Huri Hittu

CooQ : Recipe: Ragi Huri Hittu

Ragi Huri Hittu

South indian, Dessert

80 calories/serving
15 mins
This is delicious as well as nutritious. This is a age old dish, can be had as a breakfast or in the evening tiffin. My mil used to prepare this huri hittu for my daughters. This is a almost forgotten these days, I prepared this to send it to my grand kids, hoping they like it and get to know Indian snacks. Ragi is said to be rich in iron and calcium.


1. Wash ragi well, soak and sprout it.

2. Dry it in the shade for a day and next day dry it in the sun.

3. Once it's completely dry, grind it to a smooth powder. store it in a airtight container. huri hittu powder is ready.

4. In a bowl, add together 2 tbsp ragi huri hittu powder, 1/2 tbsp jaggery, 1/2 tsp ghee, a pinch cardamom powder, 1 tbsp grated coconut and 2 tbsp milk. mix everything very well and serve. you can make small balls for kids.