Recipe: Purnam Burelu

CooQ : Recipe: Purnam Burelu

Purnam Burelu

South indian, Dessert

Moong dal
117 calories/serving
20 mins
Purnam Burelu is a deep fried snack filled with channa dal, cinnamon powder and jaggery for a sweet and rich taste. The crunchy golden covering are made from rice and urad dal batter and this dish is a tradational sweet for Telugu festivals where it is offered to the Gods.

Recipe by:

Mr & Mrs Vahchef – Live Cooking


1. Soak and boil moong dal until it is soft.

2. Take a pan and add jaggery, moong dal, cardamon powder and saute until jaggery melts and transfer into a mixie jar to make thick paste.

3. Take a mixie jar and add soaked urad dal blend into a paste, transfer into a bowl and add rice flour, pinch of salt and mix to make bajji batter consistency.

4. Take small dumpling of moong dal mixture and make small round balls.

5. Coat moong dal balls with urad dal batter and deep fry in hot oil.

6. Transfer into a paper towel and allow it rest for 5 mins.

7. Now purnam burelu are ready to serve.

By Mr & Mrs Vahchef – Live Cooking