Recipe: Protein Rich Rose Chia Smoothie

CooQ : Recipe: Protein Rich Rose Chia Smoothie

Protein Rich Rose Chia Smoothie

American, Drink

139 calories/serving
5 mins
This smoothie was made specially for my Father as he works a lot whole day and needs a lot of strength and energy to do that work..but he was lacking protein as sometimes he used to skip his meal or have headache, bone pain, etc. And as you know Protein is one of the very essential for it doesn't sustain in our body and it helps us to do the work whole day and keep us energetic!
Just by having this smoothie your stomach feels full and gives you energy to do the work!

It is very simple to make and healthy to Eat or DrinkšŸ¤Ŗ has so many nutrients that are required for our body everyday!


1. Mix all the above ingredients namely 1.5 cups milk, 48 gms nutrilite all plant protein powder, 5-6 rose petals, 1.5 banana, 1 small cube of jaggery in a mixer and crush them into a paste and pour it in a glass.

2. Top it with some chia seeds and almonds.