Recipe: Pink Salad

CooQ : Recipe: Pink Salad

Pink Salad

Fusion, Salad

61 calories/serving
10 mins
A healthy, happy & refreshing salad. Rich in antioxidants & vitamins . It is good for our mind & body too.


1. In a big bowl put grape fruit (peel & remove the seeds and skin )

2. Add chopped strawberries

3. Add halfed cherry tomato to it.

4. Add moong sprouts 1/4 cup ( moong soakwd overnight and sprout them )

5. Add chilli flakes , salt & sugar

6. Add chopped cilantro leaves

7. Lemon juice( only if required)

8. Crush roasted peanut abd keep it aside. mix only when you are going to have the salad.

9. Mix all ingredients and enjoy the salad.