Recipe: Paneer Cutlet

CooQ : Recipe: Paneer Cutlet

Paneer Cutlet

North indian, Snacks

182 calories/serving
20 mins
Paneer cutlet is a scrumptious snack recipe made with a combination of crumbled cottage cheese, fresh and colorful veggies and a range of aromatic Indian spices. It is healthy, tasty and very filling as a snack and can be enjoyed with freshly ground mint chutney.

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Hebbars Kitchen


1. In a bowl add all the ingredients except ketchup, cheese, bread crumbs and oil. mix them together and take a handful of mixture and roll it into a sphere in your hands.

2. Make a depression in the centre with by pressing your thumb in the centre.

3. Fill the cavity with little ketchup & a cube of cheese. gently close the cavity and roll it back into a sphere.

4. Flatten it between your palms and then dunk them into bread crumbs.

5. Pat them gently and then shallow fry them on a hot pan with some oil.

6. Cook on both sides till golden brown and then remove and serve hot.


This recipe serves 2 to 3 people.

By Kunal Kapur