Recipe: Palak Aur Chawal Ki Roti

CooQ : Recipe: Palak Aur Chawal Ki Roti

Palak Aur Chawal Ki Roti

North indian, Mains

140 calories/serving
35 mins
This quirky combination of spinach and rice cooked as roti is what makes India truly incredible! The gluten free, healthy and tasty breakfast option is best served with fresh yogurt and pickle.

Recipe by:

SanVee Sisters


1. In a pan , add one glass of water and let it boil. switch off the gas. now add all the ingredients one by one.

2. Mix everything well. take the mixture in another plate or bowl and form a dough by adding a little water as required.

3. Once the dough is formed, take a small portion and make a ball. flatten this ball.

4. Now place a butter paper and spread a little oil on it. now flatten the ball further and give it a shape of a roti.

5. Heat a tawa and pour some oil and spread it evenly. then place the roti over it and let it roast from beneath.

6. Once the roti gets roasted from beneath, flip its side and apply some oil on top. gently press the roti with the spatula and roast it on medium-low flame until brown spots appears on both of its sides.

7. Roti is now roasted aptly, transfer it on a plate and serve it with curd.

By Sanvee Sisters