Recipe: Oreo Shake

CooQ : Recipe: Oreo Shake

Oreo Shake

American, Drink

281 calories/serving
5 mins
Oreo milk shake is rich and Creamy milkshake made with Oreo biscuit delicious in taste and veryy easy to make Oreo milk shake is the ideal sweet treat loved by kids all over as well as adults.


1. To prepare this delicious shake firstly take one bowl and crush 5 oreo cookies in small pieces.

2. You don't need to powder them, they should be crushed enough to be blended into the shake.

3. Now pour 1 cup milk , the crushed cookies and sugar as required in a bowl.

4. Then blend all the ingredients well with a hand mixer. decorate your glass with chocolate sauce or hershey's syrup.

5. Pour the prepared milkshake into glass, finally top the milkshake with hershey's syrup and gems. serve with straw.