Recipe: Navratri Special Chilla

CooQ : Recipe: Navratri Special Chilla

Navratri Special Chilla

Indian fasting, Breakfast

108 calories/serving
25 mins
If your a chilla person and that is your go to breakfast option, then worry not & try this chilla recipe out which is within the framework of your vrat rules!!

Recipe by:

Hebbars Kitchen


1. In a bowl add kuttu ka atta, sabudana atta, sendha namak, green chilli, cumin seeds, crushed black pepper and curd, mix it well.

2. Add little by little water in small quantity to make a thin pouring consistency batter or dosa batter.

3. Heat the non stick pan, spread some oil on it and pour one ladle of the batter on the hot pan and move the ladle in circular motion from left to right.

4. Drizzle oil over edges, drizzle few drops in center of pancakes and cook in slow to medium flame until edges becomes brown, flip and cook another side for 1 minute or until pancakes gets cooked and brown. repeat for rest.

5. Serve warm with tadkey waley dhai aloo.

By Chef Harpal Singh