Recipe: Muskmelon Pudding

CooQ : Recipe: Muskmelon Pudding

Muskmelon Pudding

North indian, Dessert

279 calories/serving
30 mins
Melon ki kheer is very easy to make. You can make very tasty kheer by making normal kheer and adding muskmelon to it.

Recipe by:

Jyotsna's World


1. To make melon pudding, wash and soak 1/4 cup rice. drain the water and put half a litre of milk on the gas to boil.

2. Peel the melon and cut it into two separate vessels, one into small pieces and one into large pieces.

3. Now in a mixer, grind a large piece of melon, 1 cup sugar and soaked rice in a jar.

4. Put this puree in boiling milk, and cook the milk till the rice is cooked.

5. Now in another pan, fry the melon seeds and dry fruits in desi ghee. in the same pan fry small chopped melons for 2 minutes. 6. when the kheer becomes thick, add roasted watermelon seeds, dry fruits, and melon to it.

7. Add cardamom and cook it for 2 minutes and keep it in the fridge when it cools down. serve it garnished with dry fruits on top.


This recipe serves 4 people.