Recipe: Mushroom Ghee Roast

CooQ : Recipe: Mushroom Ghee Roast

Mushroom Ghee Roast

Mangalorean, Mains

106 calories/serving
25 mins
Mangalorean cuisine is indeed packed with full of spices.Ghee roast is one such dish normally with Chicken, Paneer and mushrooms with full of flavours containing spices.In some versions there is marinating process while in others there are no onions or tomatoes used.


1. Dry roast all the ingredients meant for gravy.

2. Grind the dry roasted ingredients for gravy by adding  water as required.

3. Quarter the mushrooms and keep aside.

4. In a kadai or wok, add ghee and when it gets heated, add onion.

5. When onion turns pinkish, add garlic paste and stir. be sure to cover the kadai.

6. When aroma comes from garlic, add tomatoes and fry till they turn mushy.

7. Add the gravy and stir well. add garam masala to the gravy.

8. Now add the mushroom and stir so that the mushrooms are coated with the gravy.

9. Cook the mushrooms in the ghee roast gravy till mushrooms get cooked.

10. Adjust salt.