Recipe: Moong & Rice Patrode/ Patra

CooQ : Recipe: Moong & Rice Patrode/ Patra

Moong & Rice Patrode/ Patra

Indian, Mains

Taro leaves
117 calories/serving
45 mins
Taro/ Colocasia leaves rolled with a masala paste & steamed.


1. Wash + soak moong dal and raw rice for 6 hours. drain & keep aside.

2. Wash the taro leaves & cut the stems completely

3. Roast the red chillies + coriander seeds + jeera seeds + methi seeds.

4. Prepare a masala paste with the above roasted ingredients + grated coconut + tamarind + drained moong dal & raw rice + hing + turmeric powder.

5. Spread one taro leaf on a flat surface with dark green side down. apply the masala paste and spread another leaf.

6. Repeat this process with 6 leaves and then slowly roll packing the sides inside.

7. Heat a steamer and steam these rolls finally for 20 to 30 minutes.

8. Remove from the steamer, cut the rolls into small pieces & serve.

Note: this recipe is for 2 patrode rolls