Recipe: Mix Veg Paratha

CooQ : Recipe: Mix Veg Paratha

Mix Veg Paratha

South indian, north indian, Mains

148 calories/serving
45 mins
The mix veg paratha is a healthy and delicious whole wheat stuffed roti made by mixing various vegetables and authentic Indian spices. Parathas are a popular breakfast in North India and mix veg parathas are the best. These are satiating and the spices add to the already flavorful dish. They taste great when served with fresh yoghurt and pickle.

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Hebbars Kitchen


For filling

1. In a mixing bowl add the carrot, radish, onion and salt to taste. mix well and rest for 10 minutes. transfer it in a muslin cloth and squeeze well to remove its excess moisture. transfer to a separate bowl.

2. Add cauliflower, potatoes, fresh mint leaves, fresh coriander leaves, green chillies, ginger, ajwain and powdered spices. mix well add salt to taste. add the salt just before preparing the parantha.

For parantha

3.. In a mixing bowl add wheat flour, salt. mix well. add water and knead a semi soft dough.

4.. Apply oil on the surface to prevent from drying. cover it with a damp cloth and rest for 15 minutes.

5. Divide into small equal roundels, coat with dry flour and flatten it with your hands.

6. Make a cavity by shaping it into small bowl size, keeping the centre bit thicker than the sides.

7. Fill a spoonful of vegetable mixture in the cavity or as required but do not over fill it.

8. Seal the dough balls by joining the sides together.

9. Coat the dough balls once again with the dry flour and roll the dough ball into thick paratha. use the left forward & right backward motion to roll the paratha while applying the pressure.

10. Cook the paratha on a hot pan or a tawa on both sides until brown spots appear. apply ghee, flip and cook on both the sides.

11. Your paratha is ready to be served, serve hot by topping it with a blob of butter with chilled curd or chutney of your preference.

By Chef Sanjyot Keer


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