Recipe: Mayonnaise Schezwan Pasta

CooQ : Recipe: Mayonnaise Schezwan Pasta

Mayonnaise Schezwan Pasta

Italian, Mains

250 calories/serving
20 mins
Mayonnaise Schezwan pasta, is a quick pasta recipe, which can be easily prepared in 5 minutes with few ingredients, creamy and cheesy and tastes Yumm.


1. In a pan add 1 tbsp oil. allow it to heat and add veggies namely 1 small chopped onion, 1/2 chopped capsicum, 2 tbsp boiled corn, salt to taste, 1/4 tsp black pepper powder and saute for 1-2 minutes.

2. Add 2 tbsp mayonnaise, 2 tbsp schezwan chutney and mix well.

3. Add little water, 1/2 tsp mixed herbs and 2 cheese slices. mix well.

4) Add 1 cup boiled pasta, mix well, serve hot and enjoy.