Recipe: Mattar Shalgam

CooQ : Recipe: Mattar Shalgam

Mattar Shalgam

North indian, Mains

68 calories/serving
30 mins
Mattar Shalgam is a scrumptious side serve is a blend of fresh, green peas, juicy turnips and spices. The Indian-style stir fried delight is a perfect addition to your lunch or dinner menu.

Recipe by:

Chef Harpal Singh


1. Peel the turnip and cut into cube size.

2. In a pan heat ghee , add asafoetida, dry red chilli, cumin seeds and saute for 1 minute.

3. Add ginger, garlic, green chilli & mix well.

4. Add turnip and saute well.

5. Add salt to taste, turmeric powder, dry mango powder, green peas and mix well.

6. Cover and cook for 8-10 minutes.

7. Add garam masala powder, chopped coriander leaves and mix well.

8. Transfer to a serving bowl. garnish with coriander sprig and serve hot.

By Chef Harpal Singh