Recipe: Matka Kulfi

CooQ : Recipe: Matka Kulfi

Matka Kulfi

Indian, Dessert

72 calories/serving
40 mins
Matka kulfi is a summer special dessert, can be made easily at home. Usp of this dish is earthy flavour that comes from matkas.


1. Boil 500 ml full cream milk in a pan. simmer it for 10 minutes on low flame. keep stirring in between.

2. Now add 4 tbsp sugar and 1 tsp cardamom powder. keep simmering for 3-4 minutes.

3. Add 30 gms badam milk powder and mix well. simmer for 3 more minutes and switch off the flame.

4. Allow it to cool down to room temperature.

5. In a separate bowl whisk 100 ml cream until it becomes smooth.

6. Add whisked cream to the milk, 1 tbsp chopped pistachios and almonds. give it a good stir.

7. Pour this liquid into matkas. garnish with few strands of saffron and nuts.

8. Keep in freezer for 2 hours. matka kulfi is ready.


This recipe is to make 6-7 kulfi's.