Recipe: Masala Papad Cone

CooQ : Recipe: Masala Papad Cone

Masala Papad Cone

Indian, Snacks

192 calories/serving
10 mins
Bored of eating regular papad try this easy masala Papad cone and you'll definitely love this. Easy to make and taste delicious. Amazing snack for evening munch.


1. Take a papad and cut the papad into two pieces, now roast the papad on a tawa on medium flame. gently press it with the help of kitchen towel, flip and roast from both the sides.

2. With the help of kitchen towel, roll it immediately and hold for few seconds so that it will hold its shape.

3. For the stuffing, in a mixing bowl add finely chopped onion, finely chopped green chilli, boiled & chopped potato, finely chopped tomato, salt to taste, chaat masala and laal mirch powder, mix everything well.

4. Now add masala sev or mixture, lemon juice, coriander leaves and mix everything well. stuffing is ready.

5. Fill the above prepared stuffing in papad cone, serve immediately and enjoy.