Recipe: Mangalore|tulunadu Special Chicken Uruval/chicken Urval

CooQ : Recipe: Mangalore|tulunadu Special Chicken Uruval/chicken Urval

Mangalore|tulunadu Special Chicken Uruval/chicken Urval

Mangalorean, Mains

144 calories/serving
45 mins
Chicken urval is a starter dish from kudla|Tulunadu |Mangalorean cuisine. It is a famous starter dish served in most of the restaurants in Mangalore. Chicken uruval is usually termed as a "COUSIN" OR "COMPETITOR" to the very famous Mangalorean "Chicken ghee roast "😋 because of the few similarities in preparation & taste.

Urval is a spicy,tangy & rich dish with loads of roasted cashews,curry leaves. To give the urval, a restaurant touch, i have included 2 secret ingredients which make a huge difference to the taste of the final product.

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1. Chicken marination: mix & marinate the chicken with above ingredients for atleast 30 mins.

2. Masala paste preparation:

2.1.Boil chillies & cashews in water & allow it to cool by adding cold water or icecubes.

2.2.Drain water & grind the boiled chillies & cashews to smooth paste.

3. Roasting:

3.1. Add oil to kadai,then butter. add garlic n saute till nice aroma.

3.2 .Add guntur chillies,then add cashews & roast.

3.3. Addonion & saute until slightly brown.

3.4. Add curry leaves & saute until everything has turned golden brown.

3.5. Transfer it into a plate & set aside.

4. Chicken urval preparation:

4.1. Add oil to the same kadai,fry the masala for 3 mins. then add the masala water & cook.

4.2. Add marinated chicken,4-5 tsp masala water & saute. cover & cook on low flame for 20 mins(since we have added less water, keep stirring in between to avoid burning)

4.3. Once,chicken is well cooked, add soya sauce,ketchup & mix.adjust salt by tasting since,soya sauce has salt.

4.4. Then add the roasted ingredients & mix.

4.5. Add fresh curry leaves just before switching off the flame & mix.

5. Serve with neer dosa,rice or phulkas.