Recipe: Malai Prawn Curry

CooQ : Recipe: Malai Prawn Curry

Malai Prawn Curry

North indian, Mains

160 calories/serving
45 mins
Malai prwan curry has to it, an imperial, rich vibe. The recipe has a creamy texture and a rich taste, thanks to the malai used in its preparation, It is mildy spiced, with a beautiful aroma and and irresistable taste. It is a must try, especially with hot and buttery naan.

Recipe by:

Banglar Rannaghor


1. First marinate the prawn with salt, and turmeric, keep it aside.

2. Take a pan put it on the flame and add butter, then add marinated prawns, cook this prawn (75% done) and transfer it in a plate.

3. In the same butter, add onion paste, ginger garlic paste and cook this till raw flavor is gone.

4. Add chilly flakes, tomato paste, cook for few minutes. then add mustard paste, salt, green chills, pinch of sugar, coconut milk and then add prawns, cook this for few minutes.

5. Add garam masala powder, switch off the flame, put the lid on for few minutes. serve this hot with rice, and chapattis.

By Vahchef – Vahrehvah