Recipe: Khajoor Chocolate

CooQ : Recipe: Khajoor Chocolate

Khajoor Chocolate

Fusion, Dessert

84 calories/serving
15 mins
I am sharing the recipe of dates chocolate. It is very healthy and tasty. Everyone from kids to elders will like it very much. You must make this for your children as its healthy and has a touch of chocolate as well.

Recipe by:

Jyotsna's World


1. Melt the chocolate compound using a double boiler.

2. Then cut the dates in the middle and stuff it with your choice of dry fruits cut into small pieces and cover it with a coating of peanut butter.

3. Make a coating of chocolate over the dates and put it on butter paper, when all the dates are coated with chocolate, keep it in the fridge. it will be ready in 10 minutes.