Recipe: Kela And Paneer Balls

CooQ : Recipe: Kela And Paneer Balls

Kela And Paneer Balls

Indian, Snacks

123 calories/serving
20 mins
These delicious cottage cheese and unripened banana balls, taste very nice hot and can be served with chutney or yoghurt.

Recipe by:

Magic of Indian Rasoi


1. Take 2 unripened bananas, wash and remove stalk and tail part.

2. Microwave for 3 minutes along with its skin.

3. After 3 minutes, take the bananas out and allow it to cool down.

4. Remove its skin with the help of a knife.

5. Using a fork or hands mash the bananas.

6. Now add 1/2 cup (75 gms) cottage cheese / paneer crumbled with hands, 2 tbsp freshly chopped coriander leaves, 2 tsp ginger-green chilli paste, 1 tbsp coarsely ground unsalted peanuts, 2 tbsp farali atta / singhara atta flour and salt to taste.

7. Mix well and prepare a mixture to make tikki's.

8. Make small balls out of the mixture.

9. Heat oil for frying.

10. Put paneer and bananas balls in hot oil and keep flame on medium so that it cooks nicely from inside.

11. Keep stirring intermittently and fry until golden in colour.

12. Once golden in colour, remove from hot oil onto a paper napkin.

13. Serve hot with green chutney!


1. You may also cook unripened bananas by boiling it in water for few minutes.

2. If you don't eat ginger in fast just add chilli paste.

3. Farali aata is easily available in market. alternatively you can add 2 tbsp flour of water caltrop (singhara atta).

4. You can also make tikki shapes out of the mixture and shallow fry it!

5. Paneer and banana balls tastes best when hot. if they get cold you can flatten them and heat them again on tava.

By Magic Of Indian Rasoi