Recipe: Jamun Panna

CooQ : Recipe: Jamun Panna

Jamun Panna

Indian, Drink

98 calories/serving
10 mins
I absolutely love Jamuns and their sweet & Tangy flavour. The only thing I love about summer is Mangoes & Jamuns . Waiting for a whole year is definitely worthy for these beauties. I love to eat Jamuns with a little salt. I love to enjoy these beauties in their natural form. That is what I have been doing all my life. But when I came across this idea of making Jamun Panna I was tempted to make the same.


1. Add 2 cups of water in a sauce pan along with 250 gms jamun and 3 tbsp sugar.

2. Let it boil and cook till the jamuns become very soft and mushy (seeds will start separating). do this over medium flame.

3. Let it cool down completely. sieve the juice in a bowl.

4. In a glass add water, some of the jamun juice, few ice cubes, roasted cumin powder to taste, black salt to taste and few drops of lemon juice. garnish with mint leaves and enjoy.