Recipe: Instant Biscuit & Nuts Ladoo

CooQ : Recipe: Instant Biscuit & Nuts Ladoo

Instant Biscuit & Nuts Ladoo

Indian, Dessert

191 calories/serving
15 mins
Have you bought those 5 in 1 biscuit packets of Marie/ Monaco/ Goodday … and got bored of eating them after finishing 2 packets. And just felt bad about those leftover packets!! I found some quick solution and fixed this problem in my house this time. Check out this simple and easy recipe.
Oh yes.. adding salty Monaco biscuits brought a lovely twist to the taste of the ladoos.


1. Make a coarse powder of all the biscuits

2. Dry roast the peanuts and make a coarse powder.

3. Dry roast the nuts. if you are using dates, you need not roast them.

4. In a mixing bowl, add all the coarse powders of biscuits + peanut.

5. Add the nuts.

6. Add honey + milk for binding as required

7. Check the taste and start making ladoos.

8. Refrigerate if you have more leftover.

Note: makes 15 ladoos