Recipe: Iced Earth Latte

CooQ : Recipe: Iced Earth Latte

Iced Earth Latte

Fusion, Drink

180 calories/serving
10 mins
"Dear Human,
It’s me, Earth. I’ve been around here for quite some time now, long before you walked through my lands and sailed across my ocean. We used to live in harmony, but you’ve changed. Because of you, Nature is in danger. Because of your actions, the biodiversity that sustains you faces mass extinction. Now it is time to act for Nature before it’s too late. Join the #GenerationRestoration today. Don’t let me down.” Signed, Earth.
Happy World Environment Day ! 🌎 We thought our Iced latte Earth would be the perfect drink to honor our planet, especially with this round cup! Masala Chai, Butterfly pea and matcha go surprisingly well together and it's such a refreshing drink.

Recipe by:

THE Tea Trove


1. In a glass take 1 teaspoon of masala chai mix and add 10 ml of hot milk blend this with a hand blender. add 15 ml of condensed milk and 30 ml of cold milk to this and your masala tea shot is ready.

2. Add half teaspoon matcha in a separate glass, 2 teaspoon sugar and 70 ml hot water blend this again with a hand blender. your matcha mix is ready.

3. Now add half teaspoon blue matcha in a separate tumbler. to this at 20 ml hot milk & blend this well. add 30 ml cold milk to this. blend this as well. strain the blue matcha in another tumbler. your blue matcha is ready.

4. Take a glass full of ice and add the masala tea shot then add the matcha tea and finally the blue matcha. your iced earth latte is ready!!!!