Recipe: Hibiscus Mojito

CooQ : Recipe: Hibiscus Mojito

Hibiscus Mojito

Cuban, Drink

23 calories/serving
5 mins
Incredibly healthy and breathtakingly beautiful, this summer cooler will win your heart instantly!!
Let's see how to make it


1. Take 4-5 hibiscus flowers.

2. Pluck only the petals. wash them with water. keep aside.

3. Take 2 cups hot water in a bowl.

4. Put the petals in hot water. stir with the help of a wooden stirrer.

5. The petals will soon start to leave color. the water will become pinkish purple!

6. Let it sit for 10 minutes. not more. strain, let it cool.

7. Add fresh mint leaves and ice.

8. Add a few drops of lime juice and see the color change to bright red!

9. Enjoy chilled. you may add sugar for sweetness!