Recipe: Hariyali Chicken

CooQ : Recipe: Hariyali Chicken

Hariyali Chicken

North indian, Mains

155 calories/serving
40 mins
Hariyali chicken is a delicious Indian green preparation made with soft and juicy chicken pieces, an assortment of green leaves, fresh and aromatic spices and herbs. It is best served with steamed rice and rotis both to make your meal enjoyable.

Recipe by:

Spice Eats


1. Marinate the chicken with the ingredients for 1st marination. keep it aside for around 30 mins.

2. Put all the ingredients for 2nd marination in a blender/ mixie and blend into a green paste.

3. Once the chicken has been marinating for 30 mins, pour this green paste over the marinated chicken. keep it aside for an hour.

4. Take a heavy bottomed pan or kadhai & heat the oil.

5. Add the marinated chicken & fry on high heat for around 5 mins.

6. Now lower the heat to medium & cook for around 10 mins or till the green masala is cooked.

7. Add the coriander powder, cumin powder, garam masala powder & 1 tsp salt & mix well. cook covered for around 15 mins.

8. Now add the pepper powder & mix it well. cook covered again for another 5 mins till the chicken is soft & oil separates. serve hot with roti, naan or pulao rice.

By Spice Eats