Recipe: Gur Para

CooQ : Recipe: Gur Para

Gur Para

Bihari, Mains

All purpose flour
18 calories/serving
40 mins
delicious crispy sweet bites made with wheat flour and jaggery.

Recipe by:

Kunal Kapur


1. Mix together flour, ghee, baking powder and baking soda and rub them together. add a little water to make a soft dough.

2. Give it rest for 10 minutes and then roll it out about ½ cm in thickness.

3. Cut into 1 inch long fingers and deep fry till golden brown on medium hot oil. remove to an absorbent paper.

4. Melt together gur and water and make it into a syrup. cook till it froths up and comes to crackling stage.

5. To check the same, drop a little melted jaggery in a bowl of water. collect the jaggery and make a ball off it and press it between your finger. if it is getting hard and on dropping it make a loud pop noise then it is ready for the next step.

6. Turn off the gas and add saunf, fried paras and mix them together. keep mixing till all of jaggery is coated on to the fried dough.

7. Add a spoon of ghee and mix again. remove to a large plate or tray and toss them. separate the ones that stick to each other. cool them completely and serve them.

By Kunal Kapur