Recipe: Gujarati Mohan Thaal

CooQ : Recipe: Gujarati Mohan Thaal

Gujarati Mohan Thaal

Gujarati, Dessert

Gram flour
102 calories/serving
45 mins
Mohan Thaal is the sweetest, mouth watering and delicious dish. As the name suggests, this delicacy is offered as a prasaad to Shri Krishna. Gujaratis are fond of Mohan Thaal and is a popular dish across the state.
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Recipe by:

Vimla Ki RasoiPBT


1. In a khadhai, add 3 bowls of besan and keep it aside. grease a tray in which we will be preparing the mohan thaal with desi ghee.

2. In a separate bowl add 1 bowl of sugar and 1 bowl milk and keep that aside as well.

3. Now, turn on the gas and keep it on medium to low flame and saute the besan. stir continously till there is a slight fragrance of besan that surrounds you. now add 1 bowl of desi ghee. stir continously till the besan turns brownish. keep the flame on low-medium only.

4. Keep stirring and add 1/2 tsp haldi for the color. (you can also use yellow color but prefer using haldi). keep this on low flame

5. Spread some pista and chironji on the greased tray so that when mohan thaal is prepared we will have dry fruits on both the sides.

6. Keeping checking and stirring the besan on flame. it should start getting browner and there should be a good fragrance surrounding you.

7. Now, add the mixture of sugar and milk to this and mix well. keep this on flame till the milk dries up and the ghee starts separating.

8. Turn off the flame and pour this mixture in the tray. with the help of a spatula spread it evenly on the tray and give it proper even finishing touch.

9. Garnish it by tooping it with dryfruits and melon seeds and then slightly press them down with the help of a flat katori so that they get embedded in the mohan thaal

10. Let it set for 6-7 hours and then cut it into smaller pieces to be served. your mohan thaal is ready!!!!!