Recipe: Ghee Roast Dosa

CooQ : Recipe: Ghee Roast Dosa

Ghee Roast Dosa

South indian, Mains

145 calories/serving
20 mins
It has the rich aroma of Ghee, and a wonderful texture that is crisp and golden coloured on the outside and slightly softer inside.

Recipe by:

Hebbars Kitchen


dosa rice / sona masuri rice
methi / fenugreek seeds
urad dal
puffed rice / churumuri / murmura
ghee / clarified butter


1. Firstly, in a large mixing bowl soak 3 cups dosa rice / sona masuri rice and ½ tsp methi / fenugreek seeds for 5 hours. alternatively, use can use idli rice.

2. In another bowl soak 1 cup urad dal / black gram skinned for 3 hours.

3. Drain off the water from urad dal and blend to smooth paste adding water as required. transfer the smooth and fluffy batter of urad dal into a large bowl.

4. In the blender take soaked rice draining off the water. blend to a slightly coarse paste adding water as required. transfer the rice batter to the bowl of urad dal batter.

5. Now take 2 cups washed & squeezed puffed rice / murmura in a blender. blend to a smooth paste. alternatively, use leftover rice or soaked sabudana. mix well making sure everything is combined well.

6. Now cover and rest in a warm place for 8-10 hours or till the batter ferments and doubles.

7. After 8 hours, batter doubles indicating it is well fermented with air pockets present.

8. Add 1½ tsp salt to the batter and mix well. mix gently without disturbing the air pockets.

9. Also, heat the griddle and pour a ladleful of batter. spread out in a circular motion slightly thin as of regular masala dosa.

10. Also spread 2 tsp of ghee over dosa. cover and roast the dosa to a golden brown.

11. Finally, fold the ghee roast dosa into half and serve with chutney.

By Hebbars Kitchen